The house is located in southwest Minnesota in the small town of Boyd. This four story 2,100 sq ft home was built in 1901 and located at the edge of town and was close to the Sioux reservation line. The deed goes back to 1884 when the land was owned by the Pacfic & Minneapolis railroad. 

Boyd was a big booming town in the 1800-1900's. There were several hardware, general and drug stores. The town also had

restaurants, a bank, barber shop and a hotel. Fred Eckhardt owned a general store in town and well respected buisness man,

Fred  owned the house in 1912  and died in home. There has been evidence he is still there. We have had two mediums report

the presense of women and children. People have felt blankets being tugged on, touching, audible voices of children have

been heard, and EVP's of children and adults have been recorded. Toys have been known to move. A man has been seen

sitting in a chair. Some have awoken to him staring at them. Footsteps can be heard in the upstairs hallway, pounding on

doors, doors closing, and even piano playing have been experienced at the Boyd House. 

We offer private overnight stays. While we can not guarantee you will have an encounter many have.

The cost is $175 a night for up to 8 people and check in time is 3pm until noon the next day.

We do payment through pay pal and it is due in full within 2 weeks after booking to hold the date.

We do not offer refunds but can exchange the date.

Please contact us at  with a date request to embark on your journey on the

railway to the unknown... the Boyd House.