We use the latest technology in our investigations. We film all our investigations with HD and HI 8 infrared camcorders, and a full spectrum camcorder. We also have infrared and full spectrum flood lights to help aid in our night filming. We also use digital, infrared , and full spectrum still cameras.  We also use a motion detector and a variety of old trigger objects such as toys, books, and balls.


            SeeK Thermal imager                                                         Kinect Camera                                                                      Laser Grid

         Displays heat sources and records                                  Uses an infrared laser grid to map                                          Used to detect anything that

         the video to your phone.                                                  anything moving in front of it.                                                 moves within the light grid.


                                 Parabolic Microphone that enhances quiet noises, Digital Voice Recorders used to capture E.V.P.'s (electronic voice                                                                                      phenomenon) and a flashlight that turns on when touched.


                EM Pump                                                                       REM Pod                                                                      MEL Meter & KII Meter

  Creates a magnetic field that                                       Detects magnetic field disturbances                                                 Measures magnetic field  and

   to help give spirits energy                                           and has audible and LED light alarms                                               and temperature changes  


                              Spirit Box                                                                                                                                REM Pod Bear

 Allows the spirits to communicate through the white noise                                                              When magnetic disturbance is detected it lights up