Welcome to St. Croix Paranormal. We are the leading paranormal investigating team in the greater St. Croix Valley and are based out of Stillwater, Mn. Our group was founded in 2010 by a group of volunteers, that have the passion, knowledge and equipment to pursue the paranormal.

Ghosts do different things as a way to communicate. From the different noises/voices, shadows, objects they may move, smells they may leave, turning things on/off, opening/closing doors and cupboards. These are different ways they can communicate with us. We understand that you may have some fears and concerns. We do respect that and are here to discuss those issues with you. In general most people are afraid of the unknown or more afraid of what a ghost represents . Hollywood has done a great job at making very scary ghost movies. There have been thousands of investigations and research done, that shows generally spirits do not harm people. It does on rare occasion happen. They do not deliberately mean to scare you. They just have different ways to get your attention. It is an ingrained instinct of fear people have of ghosts, but if you can understand how their world works, you may be less afraid when they are in ours.

There are no charges for our services. We just ask that we are allowed to use any footage. You may remain anonymous.

Our episode of the Biography channel My Ghost Story aired April 6th 2010 .  We were on episode 62, they saved the best for last!  Our local cable show Paranormal Patrol is still on Valley Access channel. If you have cable and are in the Stillwater area we are on channel 14 Saturday  and Sunday.  You can still view our TV shows on You Tube and Champion Entertainment on Roku.

News 2019: Our founder Jill has bought a haunted location called Boyd House.  The more we go there the more the activity increases.  It is available for overnight investigations. Please see the next page for information. It has been a light travel season this year. Trips are planned for: Mc Inteer Villa, Beattie mansion, Whispers Estates and Malvern Manor.

2015:   Jill & Teresa were live on the 93X morning show and we were featured as one of best of the year! We were in the St. Croix Magazine for a private home we investigated. We hosted two events at the Cannon Falls library and the Festival Theater.

2014:   Jill & Donna took KS95 morning show DJ Shannon Holly on an investigation to The Pole Barn dance studio and did a few other internet radio interviews . We also had a booth at the Washington Co. fair. Heard a lot of great stories and met some awesome people.

2013:   We also did a radio talk show with Z talk radio, and Let's Talk Ghosts. We have done a story with the Stillwater Gazette and the St.Croix Valley Lowdown paper.


Other places we have investigated are: Waverly Hills Sanatorium,  Roads Hotel, Klondike Hotel,  Manilla school, Bellaire House, Monroe house, Prospect Place, Beattie Mansion, Gill House, Haunted Castle House,  Randolf County Infirmary, Eqyptian Theater, Rennsselear Russell House, Kendrick House,  Carthrage Opera House, Edinburg Manor, Malvern Manor, Benton Farms, Bobby Mackeys,  Revenant Acres,  Ashmore Estates, Blackford Jail, Stagecoach Inn, Berliin Tannery,  Squirell Cage jail, Poastown School, Thornhaven Manor, Peoria Asylum, Roff House, Leduc Mansion, The William Irving ship, Sedamsville Rectory, Wolf House, First Ward School, Whispers Estates,The historic Warden's House, Jesse Tomme hair salon, Paramount Theatre, Mounds Theater, Villisca Ax murder house, Farrar elementary, Fergus Falls asylum, Pole Barn Dance Studio, Shanghi Bistro, the Grand Garage, Pub 112 and several private homes.

Please watch all our video evidence on You Tube. Our channel is St. Croix Paranormal. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up on all our current events.



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