St.Croix Paranormal

News 2014:

2014 is definately going to be exciting. In May we will be traveling to the Wolf House in KY for a overnight. Planning to stop by Bobby Mackey's. Then it is off to Indy for a night at Thornhaven Manor. September brings us to the Roff house in ILL. It is the first house in recorded history of human possesion. If all goes well we will be overnighting at Bartonville Asylum in Peoria ILL. Please stop by their  website and show support.


 Our episode of the Biography channel My Ghost Story aired April 6th , if you missed it please check us out on their website,  or visit our Facebook page to see the video link. We were on episode 62, they saved the best for last!  We are still on Valley Access channel. If you have cable and are in the Stillwater area we are on channel 14 Saturdays 6:30 pm and Sundays at 8:30pm. We will be airing soon on Hastings channel 14.  You can still view our TV shows on You tube.

This summer has been a busy one. In May we went to Indiana to investigate Whispers Estate. We captured some excellent evidence. Teresa was scratched and pushed out of a closet. Very exciting! In July we spent the night at First Ward schoolhouse. We captured some interesting things there. Jill was scratched while sitting on a bed that was a original from the Lemp mansion. We finished out the summer with a overnight to Edinburg Manor in Iowa. It was a very creepy place and we collected some good evidence from there. We also revisted Pub 112 (formerly Pub Monique) , and a few private homes.  We also did a radio talk show with Z talk radio, and Let's Talk Ghosts. We have done a story with the Stillwater Gazette and the St.Croix Valley Lowdown paper. We are currently planning a few trips for 2014.

Other places we have investigated are: The historic Warden's House, Jesse Tomme hair salon, Paramount Theatre, Mounds Theater, Villisca Ax murder house, Farrar elementary, Fergus Falls asylum, Shanghi Bistro, the Grand Garage, Pub 112 and several private homes.

Please watch all our video evidence on You Tube. Our channel is St. Croix Paranormal. Be sure to like us on Facebook to keep up on all our current events.

We would like to welcome our new investigators Teresa Christensen, Donna Fjelstad, and Alex Loken.

 Welcome to St. Croix Paranormal. We are the leading paranormal investigating team in the greater St. Croix Valley. We are based out of Stillwater, Mn. We founded our group in 2010.   Owned and operated by a group of volunteers, that have both the passion, knowledge and equipment to pursue the paranormal.

Ghosts do different things as a way to communicate. From the different noises/voices, shadows, objects they may move, smells they may leave, turning things on/off, opening/closing doors and cuboards. These are different ways they can communicate with us. We understand that you may have some fears and concerns. We do respect that and are here to discuss those issuses with you. In general most people are afraid of the unknown or more afraid of what a ghost represents . Hollywood has done a great job at making very scary ghost movies. There have been thousands of investigations and research done, that shows generally spirits do not harm people. It does on rare occasion happen. They do not deliberately mean to scare you. They just have different ways to get your attention. It is a ingrained instict of fear people have of ghosts, but if you can understand how their world works, you may be less afraid when they are in ours.

There are no charges for our services. We just ask that we are allowed to use any footage. You may remain anonymous. 



This video is all about St. Croix Paranormal. It will tell you about us and what we are about.

St. Croix Paranormal is currently working with a realtor that deals in haunted locations. We want to make it a paranormal paradise and become active with the community it is in. The property will be somewhere in MN. There are a lot of start up costs involved and we are looking for donations to help get started. Thank you for helping us achieve our dream!!